Getting It Right In Camers (GIRIC)

For a large number of people on holding their camera for the first time and taking the first few photos, the pleasure in capturing your first images is incredible. Whatever the camera model & make, whichever the subject matter and wherever you live, I have seen the enjoyment every time.

Unfortunately, I have also noted this pleasure is not felt be everyone!  In fact, a large number of people these days often feel compelled to ‘get it right’ and make adjustments in the software and NOT when actually taking the photo by ‘Getting It Right In Camera’!

So here are some useful tips to help you GIRIC:

  • carefully consider the composition of your scene (does your scene work better with the camera held in landscape or portrait position?)
  • have you captured within the scene the subjects you want/need and is the framing of your scene suitable?
  • when looking at the scene to photograph check for any movement in the scene. If there’s movement: people, vehicles, animals etc, consider selecting a suitable shutter speed to control how the movement is captured.
  • if there’s no specific movement then perhaps consider how much of the scene you want in focus (the bigger the ‘f’ (aperture) number used the bigger the range (or depth) of focus within the scene, and vice versa.
  • be careful where you (or the camera) focusses as its from this point the depth of focus primarily starts (too far into the photo the more softly focussed with be the foreground and vice versa)
  • be prepared to make adjustments to the ISO (light sensitivity) to achieve the desired shutter speed or aperture number (be careful here as the higher the number the greater the chance of a grainy or noisy photo)

There are many other aspects to also consider but by at least taking into account the above list it will help reduce the time or need to get involved with too much time being spent using the software to correct errors that perhaps could have been avoided at the photo taking stage 🙂

I do offer feedback on photos so please try the ‘Photo Evaluation’ section to have your image(s) judged and receive constructive feedback 🙂

Please contact me for more details on improving your photography results and skills, either on a photo course or with one-on-one tuition, or see my web site for more details – thank you.